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Tourism Center
: Station-front Storehouse

A traditional-style storehouse, located in front of Kakunodate Station, has become Kakunodate’s Tourism Center. Just look for the white-walled building on your right as you leave the station. Here you can find walking maps to the Samurai District, guides to various places to dine, and information about local hotels and inns. In addition, along with tourist pamphlets and maps, a video highlighting the tourist sites of Akita is always playing. The Center is open to the public for free and also offers places to sit and rest, so feel free to stop by if you’re waiting for the next bus or train, as well.

Historical Guide Association

Here are gathered guides well-versed in the history of Kakunodate. They can take you through Kakunodate, explaining details of the towns history that cannot be found in any guidebook. All visitors are welcome, from individuals to groups!

Taxi Tours

1 hour 6,620 yen
These taxis will take you for an hourly fee. They will tailor-design a course of local tourist spots, souvenir sights, and highly recommended dining and dessert locations according to the customer’s interests.


2 seats per rickshaw; prices based on course.
The gently swaying cart offers a slightly different pace and perspective from which you can enjoy the experience of the Samurai District.


1 hour 300 yen
The town roads are narrow, and cars often get stuck in traffic jams, particularly during peak seasons. Please feel free to use this bike service to move more easily around the town as well as increase your range of movement!